Friday, July 15, 2011

Finding Comfort (in the Right Bra)!

It’s funny how sometimes you don’t realize how uncomfortable you are until you are truly comfortable again. This has been the story of me and my bras. I know that eventually I will have to buy new ones that are capable of containing my ever-growing bosom once the baby arrives…but, I have been putting this off as long as possible.

First, my boobs haven’t grown very much. I’ve gone from a small B to an ample B (possibly very small C) over the course of my pregnancy. Unfortunately, what has grown is my band size….with the baby encroaching more and more on my internal organs’ real estate, stuff is getting pushed around and re-arranged…and sadly this means that some of the bulk that used to be securely located on my stomach has now migrated north, making my bras somewhat uncomfortable. This has gotten markedly worse over the last couple of weeks.

Also, I have no idea how much I am going to grow once the baby is born and my milk starts to come in, so it seems like a reasonable thing to do to wait and see what size I will be before actually purchasing any new bras.

So, I have continued to wear the all of my “old” bras over the last 8 months…pulling at them, adjusting the straps, and wishing for a bra extender that actually fit the hooks (yes, I tried these but Victoria’s Secret bra hooks are not spaced so that they can use the extenders that are available from Target/Wal-mart…which I’m sure is so that you’ll be forced to buy new – very expensive – bras when you start to outgrow the old ones). I also bought several cheap cotton sports bras (I think they are Hanes) that I had hoped would serve me well on days that I didn’t have to go into public…but alas, these have also become uncomfortable in recent weeks. Despite this, I still wasn’t inspired to buy any new bras. I guess I figured I would continue to be a martyr until the baby was born…

On a whim, I entered a give-away several weeks ago after reading a review of the Lamaze Intimates sleep bra (nursing bra) on a blog I follow (Cloth Diaper Addiction). I completely forgot that I entered the giveaway until I got an email saying that I had won!

What I received: a Lamaze Intimates Sleep Bra from Nursing Bra Express - (I chose black). Retail value: $16-18.

Lamaze Sleep Bra (image borrowed from Nursing Bra Express)

The bra came in the mail Thursday…I opened it, but then set it to the side to “deal with” later. After a crappy nights’ sleep and some (very) early morning sports bra discomfort…I decided that maybe I should try on the new bra – just to see how it feels. I fully intended to just try it one for a minute, then change into one of my normal bras for the day…

Yeah, that didn’t happen. 

This bra is amazing! It is so comfortable and soft that I literally never want to take it off! The criss-cross front design seems like it will be perfect for nursing and the fabric is stretchy, so I have “room to grow” in this bra without having to go up a size. Even so, it fits well now…and no uni-boob! After wearing it all day, I can honestly say, I will be sad to see it go into the laundry in the morning (yes, I am planning to sleep in it too)! I ordered another one (in white) this evening…and I am looking forward to its arrival next week!

So, in summary: the Lamaze sleep bra = amazing!

At this point, I highly recommend this bra! I am looking forward to finding out how it actually works with nursing once our little girl arrives in September!! 


  1. I'm glad for the post! I have been wanting to by new bras for about a month or so, but have held off for whatever reason. I am excited and will have to try this one!

  2. It's pretty comfy (I'm actually still wearing it today - I know, I'm gross...I promise I'll wash it this afternoon)! If you order from, you can enter the coupon code FIVE and it'll take $5 off your total. There are a couple other bras that I want to try, but I'm going to wait until after the baby is born so that I can get the most accurate cup size for them. But, I plan to have at least two of these sleep bras (I may buy a third...not sure yet) and a few nursing tanks to get me through at the beginning...and I'll go from there!

  3. ooh sounds like something i might have to invest in...
    p.s. avoid underwire for nursing bras they can cause clogged ducts