Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In a Holding Pattern...

I know I haven't posted in a few weeks, but I just haven't had much going on. I feel like I'm just in a holding pattern...waiting waiting waiting.

We've completed our first two classes with the hospital - the all day childbirth class and a 2 hour breastfeeding basics class. I learned a few things that I didn't know before (like what to do in the event of a prolapsed cord, yikes), but mostly it was just nice to reaffirm that I do, in fact, have a fairly good understanding of how birth and breastfeeding work!

Apparently, as part of the childbirth class, they showed several videos of actual births...I did not know this until AFTER the class was over! I was commenting to my husband about how strange it was that there were no "birth videos" as part of the class...and he quickly corrected me! Somehow I just happened to be out of the room (peeing again) every single time they showed a video!!

Speaking of peeing...(and this may be TMI)...I have been doing that A LOT. Enough to miss four separate birth videos. And enough to drive both me and my husband crazy. I asked the doc about it and it turned out that I had a bit of a UTI. I took a week's worth of antibiotics and seemed to be improving. But, within a couple of days of finishing the macrobid, all of my "symptoms" (frequency, urgency) were back and worse than before. They tested me again. No infection. So, I got a prescription for something to help "relax" the urinary tract and treat the symptoms. No improvement. By the time I showed up for my 32 week appointment (yesterday), I was literally running to the restroom every 10 minutes (or less)! This time, my results came up positive for nitrites but no other "typical" indicators of infection (though nitrites are a by-product of the bacteria that cause infection). But, since my symptoms are "classic UTI" - the doc went ahead and gave me a stronger antibiotic and specific instructions to ignore the dosing guidelines given at the pharmacy and load up on them last night and this morning. If no improvement by today, I'm to call back and they would switch me to an even stronger medication (which is a bit scary, since the one I am taking now is the strongest one you can "safely" take during pregnancy).

The good news is, I think I am getting better. It's been at least an hour since I last had to pee. Thank goodness. Having to stop what you are doing every few minutes to hightail it to the restroom is annoying. Not being able to lay still in bed long enough to fall asleep without having to get up an pee is annoying. Needless to say, I was starting to get a bit "crabby" (which I'm using as the nice word for something else that starts with a "B").

In other news, baby girl is doing great! I was measuring just a bit ahead of 32 weeks and had gained a bit more than I had imagined (let's hope I was just retaining water because of the heat or something), but the heartbeat sounded perfect. I'm headed back in 2 more weeks!


  1. Ugh peeing non stop was the worst, and I never had a uti to make it even worse! Poor you! Your getting close!! How exciting!

  2. I know exactly what you mean! It is so annoying to have that sudden urge so often during the day. I'm glad you are feeling better and baby girl is still doing great!