Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Are these not the cutest prints??

Rumparooz Lux Print

The Itti Bitti Tutto that I received free with purchase from Kelly's Closet :-)
I think I've done a fairly reasonable job of buying mostly gender neutral diapers (so we can re-use them if/when we decide to have a second child), but lately I have not been able to resist buying a few adorable girlie diapers!!

I can't wait to see these cute prints on our baby girl's fluffy bottom! 

Speaking of...

Only 10 more weeks to go! 

Monday I had my 30 week appointment (just a few days early). Baby girl sounded amazing...and momma is doing well. Doc said I had a "perfect 30 week belly" - whatever that means! 

I seriously cannot believe that I only have 10 more weeks to go. It is going to be here so soon! I was just thinking through the next few weekends and I realized that time is absolutely about to start flying by. Here's why:
  • this weekend = July 4 (lake, family, etc.)
  • July 10 = baby shower (for a friend who is due Sept 4)
  • July 16 = baby shower (for me, just close friends)
  • July 24 = baby shower (for me, in-laws side of the family)
  • July 30 = wedding (brother-in-law)
  • Aug 7 = baby shower (for me, my side of the family)
  • Aug 13 = baby shower (for a friend, who is due Oct 9)
Then it's just a few more weeks until baby girl arrives! And technically she can come any time after August 19th, since 36 weeks is considered full-term. Wow. 


  1. those prints are so cute :) i can't resist the girly things either. all those showers are going to be so fun for you, enjoy them! :D

  2. I just added yet another shower as well...and just found out about another friend who is expecting. Seriously, it's like a baby boom around here. Don't drink the water! :-)

  3. I'm so impressed by your ability to resist girlie prints! If I had a girl it would look like some pink flowers threw up on my dipes!! Lol!!

  4. I actually also have 3 pink and 2 purple diapers (but two of those were freebies that I didn't get to pick the colors). But, still...not nearly as bad as it could be :-)