Friday, June 3, 2011

Not-So-Patiently Waiting!

I was going to make my next blog post all about cloth diapers. I am expecting some that we recently ordered to arrive in the mail today, and I thought their arrival would be a good chance to talk about some of the factors we considered in making the decision to cloth diaper, what kinds of features were important to us, and generally how I went about navigating the seemingly endless options that are out there. But, they won't be here until later this afternoon...and I want to procrastinate NOW!! :-)

Instead, I'll fill you in on something I recently discovered about the is AMAZING!! And it is filled with FREE STUFF (or at least the promise of free stuff)!

As my due date for Baby Girl Clepper creeps closer and closer, my "nesting" instinct has started to become stronger and stronger...and one of the things I've finally been motivated to start dealing with is organizing our slowly growing cloth diaper stash...including finally getting around to looking up how to actually care for (i.e., successfully wash the poop off of) our diapers.

My recent travels on the world wide web in search of this information (with the help of Google of course) led me to a couple of interesting blogs, one of which posts information on current diaper (and cloth diaper related items) giveaways - that's right, giveaways - as in, FREE!! Whenever you get a chance you should check out Maria's blog at She regularly posts reviews and personal experiences with many brands of cloth diapers and has always been super helpful whenever I've had questions! As an added bonus, she is currently hosting her own giveaway of Bum Genius diapers!!


Oh, and I totally won a Kissaluvs Antibacterial Wet Bag about a week ago in a giveaway hosted on Maria's website...which I'll talk more about once it arrives in the mail! I had to give a first and second choice of color/design, so I chose the Mocca Swirl or Spring Dots (pictured left)

If you want to win your own, you can hop on over to Happenings of the Harper Household (between now and June 10th) and enter to win one of your very own!!

Through these blogs, I have discovered a variety of other cloth diaper-related blogs - many of which offer reviews and personal experiences with cloth diapering, and some of which also regularly host giveaways! I would encourage any of you who are interested in cloth diaper to absolutely check them out. Who knows? Maybe you'll get something for free :-)

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