Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why No Blog Post Yesterday??

Well, let's just say I was way too busy.

What was I doing you ask?
  • growing a baby
  • napping
  • watching Twilight (no, I've never seen it before...)
  • eating watermelon and chocolate rice krispies treats...and mozzarella sticks (I am seriously the picture of pregnancy health)

So, I'm sure you see now why I couldn't get around to posting :-)

The good news is, I have another blog post queued up for later today....just waiting on my latest fluffy delivery to arrive this afternoon!


  1. I'm not afraid to admit it, I love twilight, I'm a big fat nerd!!! The books are great!!!

    Yay for fluffy mail!!!

  2. As is usually the case, the book was much better than the movie (which I think is really saying something there, lol) - but sadly, I kind of enjoyed it!

  3. I'm more of an Anne Rice vampire fan myself :) I saw the first Twilight movie and it's kinda an "ehhh" thing for me. I've thought about reading the books, but I'm pretty sure my husband would never let me live it down hahaha

  4. Hi Jasmine!
    I haven't read the Anne Rice novels, but I have them on my Nook for a rainy day. I much prefer Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels for my vampire fix, but I'm all caught up on her...I've heard mixed things about the Twilight series (pretty much people either really like it or really think its crap)...and I'm finding that I like it alright. I'm hoping it'll get better as I get further into the series!

    Oh, and my husband makes fun of me too, but he's a pretty good sport about it. He reads stuff that I would never pick out, so he doesn't have much room to judge!! :-)